Write a Guest Post

Write a Guest Post

Talent is not the right of anyone, it is hidden within everyone, just a chance is needed. Many of us do not get the opportunity to bring out the hidden talent inside us. You have the opportunity now that you have read and appreciated My blog, for which we are eligible for you, but now you can also be a part of My blog, we invite you to blog with us and in your Bring out the sneaking worms of hidden blogging.

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Know some things before sending us a guest posts –

Anyone can post guest posts on our blog. Blogger, Housewife, Student, etc. You should only have knowledge of the work of the people.

The information given in the guest posts should be completely new, it should be written in your own words. It should not be copied or stolen from the Internet, from any website or from any blog.

If you are willing to publish your introduction with the post, then you must also send us brief information about yourself, your short bio, website links, and social media profiles.

  • You are making your identity with a guest post, so make sure to pay attention to quality.
  • Do not publish the post or information you give us elsewhere.
  • The final decision to publish your post will be made by My blog Team.
  • No grant or allowance will be given in of guest post-publication.

Which Subject we accept in Guest Post –

We only publish information related to the technical field on My blog. Therefore, try sending guest posts only on the topics given below-

  • Article most 1000+ words required and related images
  • Any information related to Digital Marketing
  • Technical information and tips
  • Social Media and How to Video such related to Digital life
  • Excellent knowledge and interesting facts
  • We support theme review, SEO software review and SEO company, and website review
  • Infographic about Digital marketing

How to send your post –

  • You can send posts to tulsiram.com.np ( @ )gmail.com
  • You can send a post to us only through email by typing MS word, notepad.

For any other information and query about guest post related, you can let us know through the comment section.