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In this article, we know the top SEO course for free learning from udemy course online. If you interested best free online courses with certificates are an option for you.

udemy course | free course udemy
udemy course | free course udemy

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Let’s starting udemy course overview,

What is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )? Learn SEO Basics & Optimize your website easily

What you will from udemy course

  •  High student raking 4.5 ( 4022 ) and 88006 students complete this course
  • Explain what SEO brief history and why it’s important to any business
  • Explain how search engines work
  • Understand how SEO change your online presence
  • Explain the difference between on-page optimization, on-site SEO and Off-page SEO
  •   How to measure SEO

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How to get instant first page Rankings the easy way …

What you will learn from this udemy course

  • High student raking 4.6 ( 4476 )
  • Complete information to how to do SEO and rank 1st in SERP every time
  • Domain registration from an expired domain with high metrics for easy to ranking
  • How to optimize your website so you get high ranking possible
  • Keyword research using free 100% free way to top ranking
  • How to gain thousands of high SEO metrics backlinks to rank fast on SERP
  • How to optimize a WordPress website and easy to rank

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SEO Training Course by MOZ ( Learn SEO Tips and Tricks with Training course by MOZ )

What you will learn from this udemy course

  • High student raking 4.3 ( 15761 ),  227957 students complete this course and 3 hours 26 minutes on-demand video learning course
  • Basic knowledge of SEO
  • Website audit and website structure important for SEO
  • Keyword research basic knowledge
  • On-page SEO fundamentals
  • Link building strategic and off-page optimization
  • SERP features
  • SEO reporting

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Beginner Local SEO | The foundations of what Google wants ( Understand exactly what google is looking for to rank your business higher than your competition in your area )

What you will learn from udemy course

  • High student raking 4.5 ( 1001 ) and 21349 students complete this course
  • Beginner and local level SEO introduction
  • 5 pillars of local SEO to rank your website major search engines
  • Local search directory and citations
  • Online reviews, on-page, off-page for website

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SEO Website Backlinks with Google Advance search ( Learn Google advance search queries to identify backlinking opportunities )

What you will learn from udemy course

  • High student ranking 4.4 (1010) and 21206 students complete this course
  • understanding Google advance search queries
  • Identifying backlinking opportunities with a specific niche

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SEO link building basics ( Learn how to build links to your website to help improve your search engine results page ( SERPs ) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

What you will learn udemy course

  • High student ranking 4.4 (1620) and 51019 students complete this course
  • Understanding link building, link building myths
  • Link building fundamentals
  • Link prospecting in action

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