Easy way to set up self-hosted WordPress blog websites

Hey guys welcome to my blog, today I will guide you on how to create how to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog websites step by step. You know word press.org powers over 36% of the web in the world. WordPress is the popular CMS in the world. But between the need to choose to host, buy a domain, and set up the rest of your site, It could be costly and time-consuming.

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Luckily, with its, you can signup for an account and have a website in minutes and the best part, it’s completely free for everyone. In this article, we are going to show you how to set up a great looking free blog websites using wordpress.com.

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Let’s started blog websites

The first thing open your favorite browser and type wordpress.com on address then enter. After an open home page of then going to do is navigate to wodpress.com and click on the “ start your website “ button. Now you see login and signup page for building your blog websites. If you have already an account login and start building your website otherwise creating an account new account.

Let’s fill up for create account for starting blog websites
  • Your Email address ( Personal domain )
  • Choose a username ( Choose your desired username )
  • Choose a password ( choose a strong password )
  • Click Create your account button
  • Or create an account using Google and Apple id directly

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Let’s start the choosing domain name

It is required to choose your website address or domain name for starting your own website. Choose the keyword base domain just I am choosing “ wp hosting “ with low competition worldwide 320 search and high CPC rate. Here,  WordPress tries to show me a premium offer for domain plan but I am creating a free complete free blog for me and show you how to create a free blog. Now, I am choosing a free plan for creating my blog.

Now, its shows a premium hosting plan just pays monthly or annually but I am choosing a free plan for starting my first blog.

Now you see your website address just like “ wphosting846145116.wordpress.com “. Our domain registers under WordPress subdomain which provides by wordpress.com for a free lifetime without penny pay. They provide some basic and advanced themes for free and also available premium themes. If you want to make your blog websites awesome design then you can buy themes and install on your domain easily.

On the left side of your screen, you will see a menu to design your blog, manage the website, and wp-admin panel for better and best website options. In this article, we are only using the WordPress dashboard.

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Using one account you can create many blogs websites easily.

Let’s start choosing the best and ideal theme,

The left side of your screen, it shows many options for you but we choose design option for change themes. After click themes option then you will see many themes on your screen. Here we are choosing the Redhill theme for the ideal WordPress hosting guide. If you want to see design please visit our WordPress self-hosted blog.

Choose your design theme | Blog websites
Choose your design theme | Blog websites

Now, Redhill provides a complete demo website. We have easy to design our blog. We only change content not add any extra options.

Redhill is free and responsive themes for WordPress self-hosted blogging platform.


WordPress.com has a free and premium option for any blog websites. Everyone can easily make a free website under the WordPress sub-domain but upgrade plan then you will add your domain or you can buy your own domain from WordPress. We suggest every one if you are experiencing, need high volume organization website, eCommerce then buy premium plan otherwise new on the internet or blogging starting your free blog after successful free blogging then buy you require to plan and domain.

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