Complete SEO (search engine optimization) Free Guide Course Online

Hello and welcome to my portfolio, 21 century is awesome and great. All possible knowledge is available on your laptop or mobile easily, no matter what you studied and working in college or job, you can easily learn any typing skill for your knowledge improvement or dreams job and lead a lifestyle you always wanted. Like I did.

free seo course
Complete SEO (search engine optimization) Free Guide Course Online

I am preparing an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) course for your knowledge. I hope you really like. If you have any questions or know more please contact me directly from mail or like and subscribe to our social media profile Face book, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

>> SEO and Search Engine Basic

  •                 Basic of Search engine
  •                 How does search engine work?
  •                 Google search Engine architecture
  •                 Search engine algorithms
  •                 Page Rank Technology
  •                 Google algorithm update and important
  •                 Latest update about algorithms
  •                 Understanding the SERP

>>  Keyword Research and Analysis

  •                 Introduction to Keyword research
  •                 Keyword Research Methodology
  •                 Keyword Analysis Tools
  •                 Competition Analysis
  •                 Finding Good Keywords
  •                 Keyword Value and Relevance
  •                 Localized Keywords research
  •                 Language-Based Keywords
  •                 Identifying Opportunities

>> On-page Optimization

  •                 Introduction of why Important on-page Optimization
  •                 Domain name suggestions
  •                 Canonical Issues and Optimization
  •                 URL Structure
  •                 Title Tags Optimization
  •                 Image tags Optimization
  •                 Creating or setup XML sitemaps
  •                 How to use robots.txt
  •                 Malware Removal Guideline

>> Off-page Optimization

  •                 Basic of Off-page Optimization
  •                 Ranking Factors
  •                 DA and PA Overview
  •                 White hat SEO Techniques
  •                 Gray hat SEO Techniques
  •                 Introduction of Offsite Optimization
  •                 Link Building Methodology
  •                 Types of Linking methods
  •                 Search Engine submission
  •                 Directory Submission
  •                 Forum submission
  •                 Digital PR
  •                 RSS/Feeds overview and submission
  •                 Question/Answers

>> Content Marketing and Local SEO

  •                 Guest Blogging
  •                 SEO Content Creation
  •                 Video making and marketing
  •                 Online slide marketing
  •                 Graphic Infographics marketing
  •                 Social media optimization

>> Reports, Conversation and Management

  •                 Website Position Analysis
  •                 Introduction of Google Analytics
  •                 Installing Google Analytics
  •                 Basic of Google Analytics
  •                 Visitors Reports
  •                 Geographic Reports
  •                 Traffic Source reports
  •                 Conversion Tracking
  •                 Conversion testing and Optimization
  •                 CTR Improvements Approaches

If you have any questions please comments us for more information about SEO techniques and related techniques. I am waiting for your comments. (Image by Digital Media Line, Lahore)

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